Design and consulting

Every experienced fitness club manager knows that to be successful, equipment is not enough. Unfortunately those who are unexperienced often make mistakes at the very beginning of planning the investment. This is where an expert is needed, a person who not only prevents from making mistakes but most of all helps solve problems on an every phase of an investment. Regardless whether it is financing, marketing or fitness club management, you need tailor made solutions. An analysis and proper planning is a key to success. There are at least 6 key aspects we are ready to help you with.

Key Issues


Multilayer location analysis

We will check it out if your idea for a club can prove itself in the place you have chosen. We will analize your location and will choose a proper economic strategy.



Economy is not only financing of an investment, it also means profit/cost prognosis. We will help you realize economical perspectives of the enterprise based on the gym design and the localization.


Gym design

We check to see if your idea of the club is likely to occur at a specific point in the city by you. Comprehensively we analyze your location and will choose its economic strategy.



We will help you choose proper equipment for your clients. We will tell you which equipment is most popular among the users and which one will make your club more popular. What is more important, thanks to us, you may stay assured that your equipment is under a proper care. This is because we understand that the equipment is a tool that needs to work all the time to bring profit.



We will help you customize marketing activities to reach a target number of clients. Each fitness center is different, each one works in a different environment, that's why we create marketing plan from the very beginning. We will construct a price policy, we will tell you how and when to start pre sale and will choose a proper customer service system.


Staff training

Even the best projects and the most expensive devices might be ruined when the staff does not know how to work. It is our task that your employees are trained as well as possible. A theoretical training is done together with a practical one that is based upon the clubs that have the same management system. A client needs to feel the highest standard of service beginning from the very first day.

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